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Representations on Sustainability Appraisal - Second Interim SA Report Appraising Options for the Provision of Strategic Distribution Growth (Feb 2016) - Strategic Distribution Option C

Representation ID: 5290

COMMENT Anglian Water Services Ltd (Mr Stewart Patience)


No further comment.

Representation ID: 5266



To reinforce comments made in local plan consultation that option C needs to be called-in as a default. The SA report further evidences this given the levels of significance it applies to this option.

Representation ID: 5262

COMMENT Edmund Hunt


I previously highlighted the need for a secretary of state commitment to call in this application.
With the sustainability report highlighting its apparent significance and the recent decision to merge the planning meetings for 15/00865/OUT and 15/01531/OUT a call-in is even more necessary.

Representation ID: 5256

COMMENT Mr Graham Logan


Now Option A has been approved and granting permission for Option C would mean exceeding Leicestershire warehouse quota of 107 hectares as well as contravening HDC's existing approved Local Plan.
Please take note of the hundreds of written objections to this option.
Approving more warehouses would increase the number of HGVs and commuter cars travelling on a local road infrastructure that already struggles badly to cope with current volumes.
Leicestershire is the 6th worst county for road deaths in England. We do not want any more!
Local people have overwhelmingly spoken out against this option, please respect our material considerations and reject Option C.

Representation ID: 5245

COMMENT Mr Colin Hancock


Planning applications of a similar type at East Midlands Gateway, Ibstock and Rugby Gateway, will provide 232 hectares of capacity...well in excess of the total required in Leicestershire. Road capacity is already stretched in the Lutterworth area, and there is an encroachment of traffic from employees getting to Magna Park on inadequate village roads.

Representation ID: 5187

COMMENT Mrs Shiela Carlton



Representation ID: 5163



this option would provide 232 hectares of land, which is well in excess of the total needed in Leicestershire. The additional problems that would accompany this development, traffic, road safety, pollution, loss of countryside would far outweigh any benefits. Given that Option A has been agreed along with other non-rail sites in the county/region, Option C should be dismissed as unnecessary.

Representation ID: 5138



Lutterworth Town Council wishes to repeat its previous objections in relation to these options that do not appear to have been addressed to date:

Representation ID: 5130

COMMENT mrs vera mcbay


Total disregard has been shown for local villagers and there opinons

Representation ID: 5105

COMMENT BROUGHTON ASTLEY Parish Council (Debbie Barber)


Broughton Astley Parish Council would not like to amend any previous comments, subject to ratification by the Parish Council, at the meeting to be held on Thursday 17 March 2016.

Representation ID: 5101

COMMENT MR Michael Wilcox


This is the worst possible option effectively discarding all current planning policy and opening up the countryside to unlimited further development. It also significantly worsens non rail head traffic and will significantly increase traffic through villages without contributing to local employement

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