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Representations on Sustainability Appraisal - Second Interim SA Report Appraising Options for the Provision of Strategic Distribution Growth (Feb 2016) - Strategic Distribution Option A

Representation ID: 5288

COMMENT Anglian Water Services Ltd (Mr Stewart Patience)


No further comment.

Representation ID: 5260

COMMENT Edmund Hunt


This has already been consented and therefore should not be evaluated.
Option C assessment should not include land allocation of option A to make sure apples with apples are being compared.

Representation ID: 5253

COMMENT Mr Graham Logan


Option A has already been approved by HDC so it is utterly pointless to consult the public on a done deal!
Please read the 900 written objections to this plan even though HDC totally disregards localism and local democracy in favour of grabbing the many millions of pounds that each one of these unwanted and unjustified plans generates for the local authority!
Please see my overall representation above.
Plans of these immense scale are of regional/national importance and should, more properly, be determined strategically by a higher authority than a relatively small district council desperate for all of the extra business rates.

Representation ID: 5240

COMMENT Mr Brian Fowler


Option A has already been approved and given permission so it should not be included in this consultation other than to hoodwink members of the public. A total of 37 hectares of the 107 have been approved, Other options must be examined for the balance at other and better placed sites in the region.

Representation ID: 5229

COMMENT Ashby Parva Parish Meeting (Mr Tim Ottevanger)


Option A has already been decided, so this part of the 'consultation'' has no meaning. However, the 'net' area of 37 hectares makes large inroads in the 107 ha. of new land said to be needed across Leicestershire and leaves 70 to be found elsewhere. Harborough has provided more (34%) than its fair share .

Representation ID: 5212

COMMENT Suzanne Hayto


I thought option A had already been approved? Why is it included in the consultation paper?

Representation ID: 5206

COMMENT mr christopher dodd


My representations made on the earlier applications remain the same

Representation ID: 5184

COMMENT Mrs Shiela Carlton



Representation ID: 5162



A has already been approved so 37 hectares of the total 107 needed. Perhaps the rest could be found elsewhere in the county/region.

Representation ID: 5154

COMMENT Mrs Kathleen Rowell


This already has planning permission why is it included again in this consultation, unnecessary and confusing! This provides 37 hectares of the 107 needed look elsewhere in the region for the remaining amount

Representation ID: 5136



Lutterworth Town Council wishes to repeat its previous objections in relation to these options that do not appear to have been addressed to date.

Representation ID: 5128

COMMENT mrs vera mcbay


This should not have been passed no regard for local opinons or the chaos this is going to cause

Representation ID: 5103

COMMENT BROUGHTON ASTLEY Parish Council (Debbie Barber)


Broughton Astley Parish Council would not like to amend any previous comments, subject to ratification by the Parish Council, at the meeting to be held on Thursday 17 March 2016.

Representation ID: 5099

COMMENT MR Michael Wilcox


This is contrary to planning policy and public opinion and creats a precedent for further expansion of Magna Park

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