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Representations on New Local Plan Options - Housing

Representation ID: 3339

COMMENT MR Michael Wilcox


Ullesthorpe already has large developments approved and is becoming a target for developers hence stricter control is needed

Representation ID: 2789

OBJECT Simon Silvester


I do not believe that developers would make meaningful contributions towards improving local services and facilities. With options 1 and 2 the pressure on services (school and doctors) would be unsustainable. I also do not believe that the Council would make any real effort to insist that developers make such contributions. The impact on the landscape and conservation area would therefore be permanently negative and there would be no balancing positive impacts.

Representation ID: 2783

COMMENT Mr O Tebbs represented by Hutchinsons Planning (Mr Keith Hutchinson)


We support the identification of Ullesthorpe as a rural centre and we consider that development of site A/UL/MXD/01 - land south of Ashby Road would be an appropriate allocation for housing. The site adjoins existing housing to the south and west and by the village playing field to the east. There has been interest from potential developers and the site is available for development within the next 5 years. We are not aware of any constraints which would delay the deliverability. Allocation of this site should be considered regardless of the strategic option.

Representation ID: 1061

COMMENT Mrs Kathleen Rowell


I am not against new house building but feel strongly that it is wrong to concentrate on a small number of villages eg Ullesthorpe, Broughton Astley, Kibworths, Fleckney etc etc.
All these settlements have facilities etc but many people are happy to live in smaller villages and indeed desire to do so, I believe house building should be more fairly and evenly distributed, including ' affordable housing' . Planning should encourage all villages to build a percentage to be decided., encouraging them to remain or become more vibrant and living villages.

Representation ID: 1056

OBJECT Mr David Burton


We object to options (particularly options 1 and 2) that significantly increase housing in Ullesthorpe as 72 houses are already planned. Any further large-scale or inappropriately sited development would further increase pressure on local services to an unacceptable level and would encroach further on our open countryside and impact on our heritage assets

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