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Representations on New Local Plan Options - Housing

Representation ID: 3229

COMMENT David Wilson Homes East Midlands (Helen Bareford)


It is considered that Billesdon has been overlooked with respect to the provision of housing numbers within the development options. The development options promote a range of 0- 59 dwellings in Billesdon, and whilst the figure in option 1 of 59 dwellings is welcomed it is considered that an increased housing figure could be afforded to Billesdon in the remaining options 2-9. Billesdon is a desirable settlement and well located, however requires new development to sustain permitted development and existing facilities. Increased numbers similar to those in option 1 should be allocated to Billesdon in development options 2-9.

Representation ID: 2370

SUPPORT Billesdon Planning Advisory Group (Dr ian bowler) represented by Billesdon Planning Advisory Group (Dr ian bowler)


The Advisory Group considers a combination of options 8 and 9 - allocating a majority of new housing to Thurnby/Scraptoft, Kibworth and Lutterworth - with a significant proportion of any new housing in Rural Centres allocated to Fleckney, to be the most sustainable development strategy. This strategy would build upon, and maximise the efficient use of, existing services and infrastructure.

Representation ID: 2260

COMMENT Mr Peter Francis


Anyone who thinks that a moderate to high level of additional housing in Billesdon in addition to the Neighbourhood Plan allocation will 'help to support village services and facilities' is seriously out of touch with this village. As an example, come and have a look at the village centre when the doctors surgery is open for immediate visual evidence of the pressure already on existing services.

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