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Representations on New Local Plan Options - Green Wedges

Representation ID: 4770

SUPPORT Natural England (Mr Sean Mahoney)


We strongly support the commitment to protect Harborough's green wedges as part of a wider network of green wedges around the Leicester urban area.

Representation ID: 4750

SUPPORT Oadby and Wigston Borough Council (Mr Adrian Thorpe)


The commitment to maintaining Green wedge designation and protecting them from inappropriate uses is very much welcomed and shared by Oadby & Wigston BC, given that the Thurnby/Leicester/oadby Green Wedge includes land that falls within both Councils. Where necessary and appropriate, the Borough Council would support the removal of small areas of built development from Green Wedges, such as dwellings and their curtilage, in order to ensure that they remain defensible and robust.

Representation ID: 4621

COMMENT Mr William Richmond


Green Wedge Review Tech Update 2015 - Stoughton Lane is referred to as Stoughton Road on pages 49 and 50. Fig 5 Page 26. The houses on the southern side are intended to be removed from the Green Wedge, yet Stoughton Lodge Farm development remains in the Green Wedge. Since both are to all intents and purposes the same, either both should be removed or both should be included. Since the 2011 report was written, there have been a number of Permissive Footpaths created under the Higher Stewardship Scheme, yet I can find no reference to these in the analysis of access to the Green Wedge.

Representation ID: 4238

COMMENT Gladman Developments Ltd (Ms Nicole Penfold)


It is unlikley that a 'green wedge' policy will meet the tests of the Framework. Policies must be criteria based and any designation of local green space must follow this approach and should not cover extensive tracts of land and be in close proximity to the community that they serve. Option G2 is preferred should the Council continue with a green wedge policy.

Representation ID: 3771



Essential to maintain .

Representation ID: 3296

SUPPORT MR Michael Wilcox


We need clear definitions/identity

Representation ID: 2893

OBJECT The Co-operative Group (Mr Matthew Stafford)


Please see representations submitted by the Co-operative Group (20151029 TCG Reps New Plan for Harborough Options Consultation Doc') by email on 29/10/15 to

Representation ID: 2671

SUPPORT LUBENHAM Parish Council (Mrs Diana Cook)


It is important to keep green spaces to ensure the rural nature around the towns is protected and views protected

Representation ID: 2603

SUPPORT Mrs Marie Galton


I strongly support the continuation of the Green Wedge Policy to enable settelements on the edge of Harborough to retain their separate idenity from the City and also to provide access to green spaces and countryside for people living in more urban areas in the City.

Representation ID: 1473

COMMENT Historic England (Claire Searson)


You may also wish to consider a specific green wedge policy to support option 2. Green infrastructure in its widest sense should also be protected in the plan - this can include heritage assets (such as non-designated parkland, cemeteries etc) and as such it is important that this is recognised.

Representation ID: 1081

SUPPORT Mr William Richmond


Stoughton, as a former estate village, is distinctive in appearance from any of the neighbouring settlements. It is important that the existing green wedge is maintained to prevent coalescence with other built up areas (Leicester, Oadby, Thurnby) and at the same time provide access to the green wedge by a combination of public footpaths and permissive footpaths created under the Higher Stewardship Scheme.

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