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Representations on New Local Plan Options - Potential general employment site allocations

Representation ID: 4932

SUPPORT Leciestershire County Council (Mrs Sharon Wiggins)


Assets Comments:
The County Council owns the land to the south of Lutterworth Road/Coventry Road, Lutterworth (E/001LT/11) and therefore supports the proposed employment allocation at this site. A scheme is currently being worked up for the site, and will be the subject of an outline planning application in due course. In accordance with paragraph 100 of the NPPF, no development is proposed on the small part of the site which sits within Flood Zone 2/3 and it is agreed that removing this area from the proposed allocation boundary would be appropriate.
Suggest the Local Plan should be worded in a way that would support B1 uses in this location.

Representation ID: 4909

COMMENT Leciestershire County Council (Mrs Sharon Wiggins)


Transport Comments:
The Highway Authority reserves the right to comment further if and whan it is porposed to allocate any of the sites. Some initial comments:
o Map 1 Land at Airfield Farm (AF). Market Harborough: The preference would be to see this site served from the existing AF development road infrastructure, rather than through the creation of a new vehicular access to Gallow Field Road.
o Map 3 Land Adjacent to M1, South of Lutterworth Road, Lutterworth: Access to this site could be challenging given the proximity of existing junctions. The traffic impacts of this site would overlap with any proposed Lutterworth SDA, any other 'general employment site allocations' at Lutterworth and any proposed Strategic Distribution Options.
o Map 4 Land south of Lutterworth Road, Coventry Road, Lutterworth: Similar comment to Map 3 in respect of overlapping traffic impacts.

Representation ID: 3439

COMMENT Mrs Angela Lomas


The pool of potential employment allocations would seem to be adequate. There should be stronger evidence that more employment land is required.

Representation ID: 3415

SUPPORT Hallam Land Management Limited represented by Gary Stephens


Hallam Land Management Limited (HLM) are the landowners of Land adjacent to M1/South of Lutterworth Road, Lutterworth (E/005LT/11), and support the proposed allocation of the site for employment purposes as part of the strategy to help consolidate the town's key centre status.

Representation ID: 2777

COMMENT Mr David Jones


I would object to development land to the south of Lutterworth Road / Coventry Road, Lutterworth (E/001LT/11). However small, such development would set a precedent which would be exploited by major commercial & logistics developers in the future.

Representation ID: 2662

COMMENT LUBENHAM Parish Council (Mrs Diana Cook)


Neighbourhood Plans should be considered when identifying future employment needs and options within a Parish. Employment sites should be allocated where there is adequate highway and transport provision or where robust arrangements can be made to mitigate any potential issues.

Representation ID: 1587

COMMENT mr Peter Mellalieu


MH Homeowner.
You have not put forward any arguments to support why you need another 10 ha for future employment.
We currently have land set aside, or in development, for business use on the north, south and easterly approaches to the town, none of which make the entrance to the town attractive in the slightest. You as a planning authority have absolutely no vision as to how to make these essential areas attractive to drive by or work in. Ensure that all future development meets much higher aesthetic standards in their settings.

Representation ID: 1561

OBJECT mrs Emma Andrew


Fleckney only seems to attract industrial and manufacturing jobs. Most people travel out of the village to work. More manufacturing means more lorries needing to come into the village. The roads will not take it.

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