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Representations on New Local Plan Options - Why do we need to provide land for more jobs?

Representation ID: 5046

COMMENT IDI Gazeley represented by Now Planning (Ms Nora Galley)


OCP offers no scenario for employment which aims to reduce the levels of out-commuting, despite Strategic Objective 2. To achieve this, given levels of out-commuting, would clearly require a very substantial increase in workplace jobs, including workplace jobs that would appeal to its resident workforce.

Representation ID: 5045

COMMENT IDI Gazeley represented by Now Planning (Ms Nora Galley)


Harborough's labour market is exceptionally open, working residents travel outside the district for work and a very high proportion of the district's jobs are taken by in-commuters (of which Magna Park's share is no more than a third). Further data provided.

Representation ID: 5044

COMMENT IDI Gazeley represented by Now Planning (Ms Nora Galley)


Lack of any mention either of the LEPs or the travel to work area of which HDC is part puts the OCP out of step with the NPPF and is misleading. Identifies 4 LEPs that HDC should consult with, who all have logistics as a SEP priority.

Representation ID: 4974

COMMENT Mr John Martin


The provision of jobs is a vital element of life within the HDC area. Relying on jobs in distribution such as those in Magna Park is a large mistake as this type of employment requires large areas of land yet provides few lowly skilled and paid opportunities. By the end of the Plan period or hopefully long before that date, means by which goods and services are transported around the country will be less reliant on the grossly in efficient and non sustainable road transport. Rail transport should be the preferred option.

Representation ID: 4234

COMMENT Gladman Developments Ltd (Ms Nicole Penfold)


The Employment Land Study is out of date and should be updated during the Local Plan preparation to ensure the jobs target is appropriate.

Representation ID: 3269

OBJECT MR Michael Wilcox


Statistics confirm we have very low unemployment thus extending this significantly just encourages commuter's from other areas with more traffic. congestion and polution

Representation ID: 2650

COMMENT LUBENHAM Parish Council (Mrs Diana Cook)


Being located in the Midlands with good transport links, the current need for warehousing offers some economic benefits to the area. Not sure what the anticipated 10ha allocation for Market Harborough is. Perhaps we need more information. We should ensure that empty buildings including redundant farm buildings are utilised for employment purposes before allocating more.

Representation ID: 2250

COMMENT Mrs Lynn Stringer


The planning for jobs should be carried out on the basis of need, established from studies and allocations not made on a "what if" basis. Forward planning is just that, not throwing a pebble in the pond to see how far the ripples go. To consider allocations without empirical evidence is playing into the hands of developers land banking and thus blighting and making sacrificial the amenity, quality if life and economy of the locality to service commercial gain. There are other locations in the Golden Triangle where employment is needed and better locations for road led sites.

Representation ID: 1615

OBJECT Dr Paul Dimmer


I do not believe we should be providing land merely because it is demanded by large international companies. In any case, increasing automation, commonly used by such companies, implies the employment/land area ratio is low and falling. It is far preferable to support and provide facilities for SMEs and start-ups.

Representation ID: 1161

OBJECT Mr Lewis Freeman


It is all well and good for international companies to require more land e.g.. Magna Park BUT they do not have to put up with the traffic, noise and light pollution in what is a pleasant rural location!
With the M1 on one side, the A5 on the opposite side, the southern bypass plus Brookfield Road we(the pleasant market town of Lutterworth) are trapped within an industrial/retail park!

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