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Representations on New Local Plan Options - How will provision for new jobs and employment land be met?

Representation ID: 5058

COMMENT IDI Gazeley represented by Now Planning (Ms Nora Galley)


OCP's only justification for distinguishing between "general employment" and strategic distribution is the different location and land take needs of small scale employment units and those of the logistics sector. The implication of this distinction, and without any justification, is that the former is "sustainable" but the latter is unlikely to be.

Representation ID: 5057

COMMENT IDI Gazeley represented by Now Planning (Ms Nora Galley)


Para 116 doesn't sufficiently reference HDC's Open for Business prospectus. None of the listed actions refer to Magna Park - although the prospectus has a great deal to say on its contribution to district prosperity and the potential for leveraging its value further.

Representation ID: 4975

COMMENT Mr John Martin


This section makes no mention of the much needed improvement in road communication and the modern business requires good broadband links that much of the HDC area currently lacks. Improved transportation of non passenger traffic with a rail terminal at Magna Park is an essential element of the provision of more jobs.

Representation ID: 2653

COMMENT LUBENHAM Parish Council (Mrs Diana Cook)


Harborough should encourage the take up of office space where it is under utilised to alleviate the need to travel . Wherever employment sites are allocated there should be adequate parking provided or public or private bus services to alleviate parking problems - Rockingham Road is a typical example of poorly designed and planned accommodation.

Representation ID: 1604

SUPPORT Neil Heptonstall


Why have you allowed housing on previously designated employment land? (Tungstone site and S of Harborough) Don't do it again. We must have employment land!

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