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Representations on New Local Plan Options - Option C1: Strictly controlling development in the countryside

Representation ID: 5021

SUPPORT Mr John L. Marlow


Support this approach.

Representation ID: 4971

SUPPORT Mr John Martin


The only change that is necessary to this policy is that it should take account of the agricultural land wasted by the building of solar panel farms. Such use will reduce the amount of land available and hence this section requires no alteration. Option C1: "Strictly Controlling Development in the Countryside" remains the only way forward if we are to remain anything like in self sufficiency in food production.

Representation ID: 4944

SUPPORT Leciestershire County Council (Mrs Sharon Wiggins)


Transport Comments: Pressures on the County Council's budgets have already necessitated the need for it to reduce its support for conventional bus services in rural areas; the ongoing squeeze on local government spending will necessitate the need for further savings. A growth strategy that is significantly rural biased is likely to produce a pattern of travel that is heavily car dependent and/or runs the risk of people being isolated from employment opportunities and other social needs. Thus, the County Highway Authority favours Option 1 (strict control) overall, but would also not object to that being combined with Option 3 (meeting locally identified need).

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