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Representations on New Local Plan Options - Potential housing site allocations

Representation ID: 4939

COMMENT Leciestershire County Council (Mrs Sharon Wiggins)


Transportation Comments:
With reference to the potential housing allocations shown in Table 16, many of these are already covered by comments on Housing and Growth Options 1 to 9. The Highway County Highway Authority has also previously made comments to Harborough District Council on SHLAA sites.

Representation ID: 4655

COMMENT Persimmon Homes (David Prowse)


Persimmon Homes advocate the inclusion of our site off Badcock Way/Fleckney Road, Fleckney as a potential key housing allocation with the New Local Plan. The site is not constrained after feedback from County Highways has indicated that a main access point can be provided directly from Fleckney Road with a secondary access point linking in from Badcock Way. Moreover, ecology, tree, landscape and flood risk assessments have all come back indicating there are no constraints that would prevent development at this location. Boundary of site shown in attached file.

Representation ID: 4102

COMMENT DLA Town Planning (David Lane)


The role of Overstone Park.
The SA findings for Overstone Park are supportive, with the site receiving more "dark green" ("supports sustainable development") ratings than any other housing site in Market Harborough. Two red ratings were identified. One was for the loss of agricultural land, and the agricultural land consultants confirming that Overstone Park is Grade 3b.
The Landscape Capacity assessment report, carried by HDC, concluded that Overstone Park, as a whole, had a High/Moderate/Low sensitivity for development, i.e. the category most able to accommodate new development without undue landscape harm.

Representation ID: 3852

COMMENT Anglian Water Services Ltd (Mr Stewart Patience)


In relation to the key allocation sites we are able to respond as follows:

* Market Harborough: The development of any of the three proposed housing allocation sites are expected to require improvements to the foul sewerage network. There may also be a need for additional sewage treatment enhancements .
* Kibworth: The development of either of the proposed housing allocations (AB/KB/MXD/22 and AB/KB/MXD/27) is expected to require improvements to the foul sewerage network and sewage treatment enhancements.

Representation ID: 3694

OBJECT Mr Simon Smith



Representation ID: 3413

OBJECT Bloor Home Ltd represented by Define (Mr Mark Rose)


A smaller development (relative to the suggested Scraptoft/Thurnby SDA) would also entirely accord with the suggested development strategy and housing objectives, and contribute to sustainable development as defined by the NPPF.

Representation ID: 2916

COMMENT HUNGARTON Parish Council (Mrs Penny Faulkner)


There should not be any further allocation of housing sites until all current sites with planning permission have been developed. Developers appear to be stockpiling sites, waiting until one that is easy to develop emerges. It's houses that need to be built, not fields earmarked for future development. Get houses built and occupied and then find further sites if necessary.

Representation ID: 2447

OBJECT LUBENHAM Parish Council (Mrs Diana Cook)


In relation to Neighbourhood Plans sites should be allocated through the Neighbourhood Plan where one exists or is in the course of preparation. Failure to recognise the local issues that are raised through Neighbourhood Planning we consider will further undermine the process.
Where a strategic development area encroaches on or is a part of a Parished community a partnership approach for delivery could be adopted so that local people do not feel disenfranchised from the process.

Representation ID: 1022

OBJECT KIBWORTH HARCOURT Parish Council (Dr Kevin Feltham)


Premature, too high level of housing and employment has been included for the Kibworths SDAs; the draft Neighbourhood Plan is best able to provide relevant policies on housing needs for the settlement. Where is an up to date housing needs assessment? Where is the up to date assessment of community wellbeing? The primary school is full, both GP surgeries are bursting. Kibworth Harcourt has almost doubled in size without facilities such as a food store or meeting place. Access onto the A6 is very poor at peak periods. Air quality is getting worse due to traffic.

Representation ID: 940

OBJECT Mr Richard Painter


housing or to magna park the area in my opinion can not sustain this proposed growth on the country side infastructure and community we have all must full employment now adding more warehouses would not make any changes to the people living here now or in the future people that would buy any new housing in the area already have employment on would assume

Representation ID: 916

COMMENT Mr Robert Mitchell


Have an urban focus

Representation ID: 696

OBJECT Market Harborough Civic Society (Bernard Bowen)


In Market Harborough Farndon Fields should not be included.

The Council should look to accommodate more housing in and around the SDA at Airfield Farm.. When developed this area will have far more facilities and infrastructure than the other locations. Although there is a resolution to Grant Planning Permission, the permissions have not been issued.
Should Airfield Farm be an allocation in the plan

Representation ID: 658

OBJECT Market Harborough Civic Society (Bernard Bowen)


Bearing in mind the character of the Districts settlements, sites of 200 dwellings would be regarded as large and have a major impact. The criteria for the size of non allocated sites should be much reduced.
The Plan should show most sites for development to provide certainty and justify the claim it is a Plan led system.

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