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Representations on New Local Plan Options - How will new housing be delivered?

Representation ID: 4969

COMMENT Mr John Martin


This section includes a statement that consideration will be given to any Neighbourhood Plans that may be in existence at the time. No mention is given to the weighting of each of the three items to be considered.

Representation ID: 3692

OBJECT Mr Simon Smith



Representation ID: 3456

COMMENT Lutterworth East Landowners represented by Gary Stephens


LEL request the Council ensure the New Local Plan allocates sufficient land to ensure there is flexibility to deal with circumstances where any sites allocated or committed are not delivered during the plan period in accordance with paragraph 14 of the Framework.

Representation ID: 3370

SUPPORT Mr David Nance


I have assumed that this question relates to paragraphs 73 - 78 and the approach by HDC in overseeing delivery of what is right for the district both in terms of site but also and perhaps more importantly in housing design and type plus infrastructure that meets the requirements of Neighbourhood Plans including references to employment, business enterprise and leisure facilities. Most important are the housing opportunities for young people who want to remain local AND those elderly people who may want and need to downsize later in life

Representation ID: 3255

OBJECT MR Michael Wilcox


Neighbourhood plans are not respected especially if other HDC targets are missed so there is no insentive to produce them

Representation ID: 2442

COMMENT LUBENHAM Parish Council (Mrs Diana Cook)


Neighbourhood plans and also emerging Neighbourhood Plans where consultation has been undertaken should be the first consideration in allocating sites for housing.

Representation ID: 2190

COMMENT mr John Goldby


New housing should be developed in areas where their already exists a social infrastructure i.e. schools, doctors, chemists, police and social care. This should therefore only take place within Urban areas, such as Market Harborough, Lutterworth or Kibworth.. Rural areas such as Scraptoft and Thurnby are already over subscribed with residents who have not got "local" facilities as above. Overdevelopment of rural areas will see these swallowed up and there be no definition between Harborough council and Leicester City....god forbid. Affordable housing usually means young families who need on the doorstep facilities.

Representation ID: 1092

COMMENT Mr Peter Lutman


Piecemeal development of small estates with poor access through existing housing areas and limited or non-existent public transport, damages conditions for present rural village populations, increases traffic problems and worsens road safety within villages. Affordable housing needs convenient access to bus services of 30-minute frequencies or better.

Representation ID: 941

OBJECT Mr Richard Painter


housing or to magna park the area in my opinion can not sustain this proposed growth on the country side infastructure and community we have all must full employment now adding more warehouses would not make any changes to the people living here now or in the future people that would buy any new housing in the area already have employment on would assume

Representation ID: 915

SUPPORT Mr Robert Mitchell


I support

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