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Representations on New Local Plan Options - Potential Strategic Development Areas

Representation ID: 4967

COMMENT Mr John Martin


The availability of additional land has been evaluated by asking owners with potential sites to indicate its availability without due consideration being given to the cost of the required additional infrastructure. Will the decision on which SDA is most suitable be taken only when a full evaluation of the options has been completed as the viability and deliverability of these sites is only "currently being assessed"?

Representation ID: 4839

COMMENT Mr Stephen Lucas


There will be significant issues with these allocations. A major concern with all allocations is the programming, costs and likely timing of development, impact on the wider countryside and on attractive urban areas. Such large allocations rarely develop as programmed and result in a small number of (generally) large developers exercising control over the housing market.

Representation ID: 4516

SUPPORT Merton College Oxford represented by Savills (Mr Roger Smith)


Paragraph 40 identifies the potential benefits associated with delivery of Strategic Development Areas (SDA), in particular infrastructure provision along with the opportunity to provide education, community facility and employment opportunities. Owing to the extent of housing / employment growth to be delivered within the District our clients support the principle of SDA delivery in order to ensure the delivery of sustainable growth; a key priority of the National Planning Policy Framework.

Representation ID: 4271

COMMENT Cliffe Investments Ltd represented by Pegasus Planning Group (Miss Sophie Trouth)


Whilst it is accepted that the development of a Strategic Development Area (SDA) is likely to be required to meet the Council's objectively assessed housing need, Cliffe Investments do not have a fixed view on the most appropriate location for the SDA. It is our clients' position that rural development, including at SRV's, can complement an SDA strategy by providing shorter term development opportunities, and should therefore be part of the Council's strategy for the District. This is an important factor to consider given the requirement for the Council to be able to ensure the delivery of a five year housing land supply + 20% buffer, in accordance with paragraph 47 of the NPPF.

Representation ID: 4232

COMMENT Gladman Developments Ltd (Ms Nicole Penfold)


There has to be a realistic prospect that development will come forward on SDA sites within the early years of the Plan in order to maintain a 5yr housing land supply, and in order to meet the needs of the community. Many sites will require significant lead in times and up front infrastructure investment.

Representation ID: 4208

COMMENT Bruton Knowles (mr Paul Barton)


The growth of strategic development areas is not favoured as it is considered
the proposed sites provide an imbalance of new dwellings when compared to
existing dwellings within each settlement.

Representation ID: 4184

COMMENT Fisher German LLP (Miss Liberty Stones)


The principle of the allocation of SDAs in the most sustainable locations is supported, however there needs recognition that it takes considerable time for these sites to deliver.

Representation ID: 4106

COMMENT DLA Town Planning (David Lane)


The settlement hierarchy must be the starting point for considering the distribution of development. However, we acknowledge that there can be reasons to depart from a rigid hierarchy approach. One example could be where sites within the most sustainable settlements are so far removed from services and facilities that they become unsustainable. Overstone Park, is a well located site capable of delivering on-site facilities within walking distance of higher level services and able to support sustainable travel modes through walking, cycling, bus and train links. The detailed assessment does not seem to support a shift away from a hierarchy-based approach.

Representation ID: 3434

COMMENT Lutterworth East Landowners represented by Gary Stephens


Focussing housing and employment growth on Strategic Development Areas is justified by the evidence.

Representation ID: 3233

SUPPORT MR Michael Wilcox


This has some logic but I fear all the other infill and expansion elsewhere will still proceed unless there is rigid enforcement of targets

Representation ID: 2950

COMMENT Mrs Patricia Horwell


It has been reported widely that the population in the UK will increase to excess of 70 million over the next 10 years. In order to support the population, increase in food production in both animal and arable will need to mirror in accordance with the percentage growth. Large swathes of land are preferable to develop, in terms of economy of scale for the developer, but using valuable arable and grazing land in the outlying villages of the Harborough district to develop seems to defeat the need for more food production - surely infill is pref in an SVR.

Representation ID: 2715

OBJECT Mr O Tebbs represented by Hutchinsons Planning (Mr Keith Hutchinson)


Whilst we support the principle of the identification of potential strategic development areas, we do not consider the identification of such areas should affect the projected development levels in settlements such as Ullesthorpe. In our opinion the level of appropriate development within such settlements should remain constant, whichever strategic development area is selected. Limited development in rural centres would have little impact on the overall strategic development area, whichever option is selected.

Representation ID: 2616

SUPPORT David Wilson Homes East Midlands (Helen Bareford)


Support is given to the potential SDA west and north of Kibworth (Appendix B Figure 26). Land to the west of Kibworth Beauchamp has confirmed developer interest and can deliver both new housing and community facilites within the timeframe up to 2031. Land to the west of Kibworth performs well in terms of landscape capacity for development within the Rural Centres Landscape Character Assessment and Landscape Capacity Study (2014).
It is important that the New Local Plan provides flexibility to ensure development within an SDA can be approved and delivered quickly and efficiently.

Representation ID: 1917

COMMENT LUBENHAM Parish Council (Mrs Diana Cook)


The maps supporting this information are very small and the information provided is very sparse. It is therefore very difficult for an outsider to the District Council to make an informed decision. It would however make sense to site housing development close to employment sites to minimise the need for travel out of the district.

Representation ID: 1153

COMMENT Mr Lewis Freeman


My only comment would be to say that unless this sort of strategic development gets off the ground asap then all the little parcels of land that we currently see being developed will continue and by the time a decision is made the housing requirement will have been made up by these small developments which will NOT bring the necessary other parts of the infrastructure into the system!

Representation ID: 1009

OBJECT KIBWORTH HARCOURT Parish Council (Dr Kevin Feltham)


Neither proposed SDA for the Kibworths has sufficient detail of infrastructure or demonstrable evidence of the actual number of houses to meet the infrastructure costs e.g. A6 bypass, or new schools, healthcare, highways infrastructure etc.

Representation ID: 945

COMMENT Mr Paul Johnson


Strategic Development Areas have the potential to deliver large amounts of housing but in terms of timescale and supporting infrastructure take a very long time to come on stream. As such, they are highly unlikely to proceed through planning or build quickly and so add little to delivery in the short to medium term. Other more immediate options are needed for the first part of any new plan period to ensure a flexible and genuinely deliverable supply of housing, rather than just large scale allocations,

Representation ID: 901

SUPPORT Mr Robert Mitchell


Concentrate new homes in urban areas

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