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Representations on New Local Plan Options - How many new houses do we need to build?

Representation ID: 5082

SUPPORT Leicester City Council (Mr Fabian D'Costa)


Thank you for consulting Leicester City Council on Harborough's new local plan options paper. The draft Harborough Plan uses the evidence within the Leicester and Leicestershire Strategic Housing Market Assessment 2014 to set a housing target for the district up to 2031. The City Council fully supports the use of the SHMA, and recognises the significant and constructive ongoing cross boundary co-operation between Leicester City, Harborough District and the wider Leicestershire area.

Representation ID: 5011

COMMENT Bloor Homes Ltd, Jelson Ltd and Davidsons Developments Ltd represented by Pegasus Planning Group (Mr Guy Longley)


The requirement of 475 is based on the assupmtion (set out in MOU) that each local authority is able to meet its own objectively assessed housing needs at least until 2028. At the Chrnwood CS Examination evidence was presented indicating that all the City's identified SHLAA capacity would be required to be delivered to meet requirements to 2031. This is clearly an unrealistic assumption. There are clear uncertainties over the delivery from various sources, in particular brownfield sites in active use.
There will therefore be issues of unmet need arising from the City for a plan looking to either 2031 or 2036 whihc need to be addressed under the Duty to Cooperate.

Representation ID: 4966

COMMENT Mr John Martin


This figure appears to be the result of a Government assessment and the target, now set at 475 dwellings per year has only been realised once. Housing needs vary according to large number of variables which should be evaluated on regular basis and the target number adjusted accordingly. Predictions to the end of the Local Plan period are worthless being affected by many external influences outside the control of HDC.

Representation ID: 4899

COMMENT Leciestershire County Council (Mrs Sharon Wiggins)


It is considered that account needs to be taken in the determination of housing requirements of the potential need to meet any shortfalls in delivery experienced by neighbouring authorities.

Representation ID: 4701

COMMENT Oadby and Wigston Borough Council (Mr Adrian Thorpe)


Paragraph 36 of the Options Consultation Paper states that each authority [in Leicester and Leicestershire] has indicated that it has enough suitable housing land to meet its objectively assessed need'. This confirmation was provided in the Memorandum of Understanding covering the period to 2028 that was agreed in support of the public examination of the Charnwood Core Strategy. Whilst this position has not changed in the Borough of Oadby and Wigston as far as the objectively assessed need identified in the 2014 Strategic Housing Market Assessment is concerned, it should be noted that since publication of the Strategic Housing Market Assessment:
* the objectively assessed need for the Borough has been challenged; and
* another Council in Leicester and Leicestershire is preparing a Local Plan in which its proposed housing requirement differs from its objectively assessed need as identified in the 2014 Strategic Housing Market Assessment.
Therefore, it will be necessary for HDC to continue to consider whether or not each authority has enough suitable housing land to meet its objectively assessed need as its Local Plan preparation process continues and it may be prudent to undertake further work in this respect.

Representation ID: 4274

COMMENT Gladman Developments Ltd (Ms Nicole Penfold)


Harborough must work with other leicestershire Authorities to ensure that unmet needs from Leicester are delivered within the Housing Market Area.

Representation ID: 4273

COMMENT Gladman Developments Ltd (Ms Nicole Penfold)


Futher flexibility should be built in to allow for slippage in delivery, around 10%.

Representation ID: 4226

COMMENT Gladman Developments Ltd (Ms Nicole Penfold)


The SHMA setting the OAN is now a year old, and new employment growth statistics have been released showing increasing economic growth potential of many areas as the County recovers from recession. The SHMA should be revised during the preparation of the Local Plan to ensure the OAN is up to date.

Representation ID: 4210



It is understood that the referenced 'objectively assessed' estimate of housing need may not be entirely impartial and, therefore, should, at least, be treated with caution.
The annual target figure is incorrect as the representation of the 'Annual Target' employs data which has been applied retrospectively to the year 2010/11, and to subsequent years, notwithstanding the fact that the data was not published until June 2014.

Representation ID: 4016

COMMENT Redrow Homes (South Midlands) (Mr Russell Crow)


The Council's housing requirement of 9,500 dwelling over the emerging plan period is broadly supported and reflect the SHLAA evidence.
However, the Charnwood Local Plan Inspector highlighted that the specific situation at Leicester City was less clear cut, with the potential capacity up to 2028 only exceeding OAN by 1,556 homes. Furthermore, North West Leicestershire District Council has since published their Draft Local Plan for Consultation (September 2015) which includes a housing target above OAN to meet employment growth - 10,700 dwellings rather than 5,700-7,000 dwellings).
As such, given the stage of Harborough's Local Plan, it will be necessary to continuously review the progression of the Leicester City Local Plan to establish whether the City Council is unable to meet OAN over the plan period and to respond positively to growth as required by para. 17 of NPPF.

Representation ID: 3430

COMMENT Lutterworth East Landowners represented by Gary Stephens


Failure to meet the housing need in full will place the Plan at risk of being found 'unsound' on the grounds of not being positively prepared.

Representation ID: 3428

COMMENT Lutterworth East Landowners represented by Gary Stephens


The failure to plan for the longer term requirements beyond 2031 will place the Plan at risk of being found 'unsound' on the grounds of not being positively prepared.

Representation ID: 3393

OBJECT Bloor Home Ltd represented by Define (Mr Mark Rose)


The NLPD end date should be changed to 2036. The potential under delivery within Leicester needs to be addressed. A 10% flexibility factor needs to be included. This will increase the number of new houses that are required to be delivered within the plan period above the 9,500 dwellings currently stated.

Representation ID: 3227

COMMENT MR Michael Wilcox


It is a concern that targets have been increased by 50% which seems to reflect national shortfall rather than local need. So I expect you will just keep changing the targets?

Representation ID: 3217

COMMENT Mrs Angela Lomas


Government projection figures fluctuate wildly, resulting in inconsistent figures. Local Authorities should focus on meeting actual local need and do more to develop on brownfield land not in the countryside.

Representation ID: 3055

SUPPORT LUBENHAM Parish Council (Mrs Diana Cook)


475 new dwellings each year from 2011 to 2031 or a total of 9,500 dwellings over the plan period seems more than adequate to satisfy local needs. Currently builders are not building unless the market is right for selling obviously it isn't or they would be building faster

Representation ID: 2861

OBJECT Bovis Homes Ltd represented by Star Planning & Development (David Barnes)


Plan for 11,500 dwellings up to 2036.
Check SHMA housing requirement against up to date household projections.
The housing provision should not be treated as a maximum whether for the District or any settlement.

Representation ID: 2409

SUPPORT Sworders (on Behalf Of Mr And Mrs I P Crane) (Rachel Padfield)


We support the intention to plan for 475 dwellings per annum as this is the objectively assessed need as identified by the Leicester and Leicestershire Strategic Housing Market Assessment 2014. The SHMA identifies particularly acute market affordability pressures in the district so it is appropriate to plan for the highest end of the range.

Representation ID: 2378

COMMENT Ms Caroline Pick


LAs have to identify sites for housing, but in fact whether they are built or not is up to the developers who are only interested in profit. Scarce housing sells at higher prices so developers will not deliver the housing that is needed and they will opt to build on greenfield sites whenever they can.

Representation ID: 1438

OBJECT Mr & Mrs M E Broome represented by Fowler Architecture & Planning Ltd (Mr Aaron Smith)


The provision of 9,500 new homes (475 dwellings per annum) in the District over a 20-year period from 2011 to 2031 remains too low to meet the full, objectively assessed needs for market and affordable housing in the housing market area, and is therefore unsound.

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