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Representations on New Local Plan Options - Why do we need to build more houses?

Representation ID: 3390

OBJECT Bloor Home Ltd represented by Define (Mr Mark Rose)


Need to recognise the influence of migration patterns on housing requirements.

Representation ID: 3225

OBJECT MR Michael Wilcox


more emphasis should be to local needs and not re-distribution from other areas

Representation ID: 2815

COMMENT Edmund Hunt


I have a concern that the the numbers articulated in this new local plan may be subject to change under new government requirements set upon LPAs. I have not managed to ask anybody this during the process yet but could you ensure there is certainty applied in the new local plan process that does not require revisions to numbers.

Representation ID: 2506

SUPPORT Jo Brodrick


This is a growing district that is an attractive place to live. If we want our children to be able to live and working in the place they grew up then growth is required. This needs to be easier and supported with adequate infrastructure to meet future population needs

Representation ID: 2402

COMMENT The Planning Bureau Ltd. (Mr Ziyad Thomas)


McCarthy and Stone wish to reiterate that the Council shold properly and positively plan for the needs of its older residents in later iterations of the Local Plan.

It is concerning that there is no mention of the need to provide specialist housing for older people in the Issues and Options consultation, In our previous representation to the Local Plan (Scoping Report April 2013) we provided evidence of existing and projected housing need for older people. Should the Council fail to plan properly in this regard it would be contrary to both the guidance in the NPPG and NPPF.

Representation ID: 1913

COMMENT LUBENHAM Parish Council (Mrs Diana Cook)


The need for low cost and affordable housing should be the most important consideration, in order to keep a balance of housing in the district and in individual settlements. Rural villages have a need for low cost housing for young people and for bungalows for people who want to downsize.

Representation ID: 1151

COMMENT Mr Lewis Freeman


What is there to stop the possibility that ( as shown by the revoking of the 2009 proposals in 2011) the next Plan isn't changed again?

Representation ID: 989

COMMENT Market Harborough Civic Society (Bernard Bowen)


Somewhere in the document the Council should refer to the Governments proposals to obtain a 5 year supply of housing land. This policy could result in permission being granted on sites not defined in the Plan.

Representation ID: 833

OBJECT Mrs Jaqueline Strong


Unemployment in area is one of the lowest in te country. No need to create homes to accommodate joless and create raised unemployment. Linked to objection to increase size of retail park. See later comment.

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