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Representations on New Local Plan Options - Appendix K: Potential Retail / Town Centre Uses Development Areas

Representation ID: 3214

COMMENT Dr Janet Riley


Flood risk assessments should be undertaken before further consideration of development of the two Market Harborough car parks.

Representation ID: 2795

OBJECT LUBENHAM Parish Council (Mrs Diana Cook)


Object to any loss of car parking in the town

Representation ID: 2636

OBJECT Elizabeth Thomas


According to teh retail report a very high proportion of shopping journeys are made by car, in Market Harborough . Developing commons car park and Springfield car park is ludicrous given these are already invariably full and no other car parking possibilities available..

Development of Clarence street as a retail venue will add to the congestion caused by alll supermarkets being at this end of town . Access is via a narrow car lined road with no improvement possible..

Representation ID: 1583

COMMENT mr Peter Mellalieu


MH Homeowner.
MH desperately needs its current car parking facilities and any loss would impact upon the commercial viability of the retailers. Multi storey car parks are not the answer in a town like MH. They could be made more attractive with trees and low maintenance plantings.

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