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Representations on New Local Plan Options - Selected Rural Villages

Representation ID: 4845

COMMENT Mr Stephen Lucas


A comprehensive, professionally undertaken housing needs survey for the rural areas is an essential requirement. These housing needs must be met if the plan is to succeed. The draft SHLAA information is not fully up to date and its usefulness is open to question.
Comments in relation to Swinford's sutainability are also set out in the submission.

Representation ID: 4580

COMMENT The Co-operative Group (Mr Matthew Stafford)


TCG considers that Stoughton should 'Selected Rural Village' to allow the delivery of logical infill opportunities and appropriate extensions to the existing settlement pattern. The opportunity for the Parish Council to actively to pursue a Neighbourhood Plan would ensure that these opportunities are developed from 'ground up' with the local community. TCG considers Stoughton should be included in the settlement sections and Home Farm and Old Charity Farm should be allocated for residential development/ starter homes.

Representation ID: 4219



Objective 7 of the proposed Local Plan declares the intent to safeguard and enhance the character and built heritage of the District's settlements. If this Objective is to be realized in Selected Rural Villages then housing development should be strictly controlled and provided only to meet specific local housing needs.
The magnitude and distribution of such provision should be determined from surveys of the definitive requirements of the residents of each settlement.

Representation ID: 4050

COMMENT Redrow Homes (South Midlands) (Mr Russell Crow)


Great Bowden has in our view been incorrectly assessed as a 'Selected Rural Village' and should instead be regarded as a 'Rural Centre'. As such, it is considered that the Council should be seeking to allocate additional land for residential development within Great Bowden, commensurate to the settlements role as a 'Rural Centre'. Indeed, Figure 23 highlights that Great Bowden has an overall capacity of 351 dwellings based on the Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment 2015. Given that seven of the sixteen 'Selected Rural Villages' have insufficient capacity to meet their upper threshold, Great Bowden should be regarded as a suitable and sustainable location to meet any unmet need.
The Council should also take into account the number of home seekers who have put one of their areas of preference as Great Bowden. At 171 this exceeds the level of growth envisaged for the village under the options. Substantial weight should be attributed to this matter.

Representation ID: 3203

SUPPORT Mr G Langton Kendall represented by Berrys (Val Coleby)


On behalf of our client we support the identification of Church Langton as Selected Rural Settlement and suggest a potential area for the limited expansion of the village as set out in our supporting document attached.

Representation ID: 2898

OBJECT The Co-operative Group (Mr Matthew Stafford)


Please see representations submitted by the Co-operative Group (20151029 TCG Reps New Plan for Harborough Options Consultation Doc') by email on 29/10/15 to

Representation ID: 2623

SUPPORT Elizabeth Thomas


Critical that Great Bowden retains its status as a selected rural village, and is in no way subsumed into the town of Market Harborough. Development should be consistent with its scale and character and be assessed locally within a Neighbourhood Plan.

Representation ID: 2292

COMMENT Dr Jon Davies


I agree with the definition of the rural villages but note that the assessment of services within the village did not appear to take into account the provision of services nearby. Improving local transport links can significantly improve access to nearby facilities rather than presuming the facility should be provided in village itself.

Representation ID: 927

COMMENT Mr Robert Mitchell


Maintain Great easton as a selected rural village. So important.

Representation ID: 798

SUPPORT Mr Mark Durose


I support the identification of Great Easton as a Selected Rural Village.
The Village's Neighbourhood Plan should lead the strategic planning for future housing.

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