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Representations on New Local Plan Options - Appendix J: Proposed Local Green Space sites

Representation ID: 4874

SUPPORT Mr Michael Lenihan


Keep as set out in appendix J.

Representation ID: 2691

COMMENT LUBENHAM Parish Council (Mrs Diana Cook)


We assume that sites previously identified in HDC planning docs will also be included, if not Lubenham PC would want to include some that are not shown on the list.

Representation ID: 2632

OBJECT Elizabeth Thomas


You have missed out Great Bowden complete. Why?

Representation ID: 2374

OBJECT Billesdon Planning Advisory Group (Dr ian bowler) represented by Billesdon Planning Advisory Group (Dr ian bowler)


The Advisory Group notes that the Old Claypits Woodland site has recently passed into private ownership.

Representation ID: 646

COMMENT Sport England (Steven Beard)


If any of these site contain playing fields will that use be protected

Representation ID: 619

OBJECT Mrs Jan Butcher


Claybrooke magna village green has been omitted. why? must be included

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