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Representations on New Local Plan Options - Proposed new Local Plan policy approach

Representation ID: 4980

SUPPORT Mr John Martin


The suggested development of Harborough as a retail centre is one with which I agree provided there are considerations given to eliminating parking charges, new and improved car parks and to the provision of a relief road that will completely encircle the town.

Representation ID: 4955

SUPPORT Leciestershire County Council (Mrs Sharon Wiggins)


Transport Comments
Proposed new Local Plan policy approach: The County Highway Authority generally supports the principles of the suggested approach.

Representation ID: 2693

COMMENT LUBENHAM Parish Council (Mrs Diana Cook)


Rural communities outside of Harborough may wish to accommodate retail facilities particularly for food or community shops or farm shops - perhaps this could be incorporated into policies.

Representation ID: 2615

SUPPORT Elizabeth Thomas


supermarkets are concentrated at one end of market Harborough causing traffic congestion on all roads leading to them. Proposal to develop Clarence Street as a retail site would exacerbate this. Ditto proposal to develop Commons car park The town's attractiveness as a shopping destination is already under threat by congested High Street.. Existing supermarkets have spare capacity to cope with projected growth. Focus should be on facilitating improvement of the shopping experience i.e individual retail comparison outlets. An even lower limit for out of town development would be better..As would more joined up thinking.

Representation ID: 1078

COMMENT Kay Wilson


I am surprised that all new shopping areas will be in Market Harborough without taking account of the earlier section on where housing development should take place. If Lutterworth is the recipient of major development I would have expected a requirement for a larger shopping centre as part of that development.

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