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Representations on New Local Plan Options - Q12. Do you have any comments on the list of proposed Local Green Space?

Representation ID: 5033

OBJECT IDI Gazeley (Gwyn Stubbings)


Proposed Mere Lane Lagoon (Magna Park) LGS: It would be inappropriate to designate this area as a LGS. The Lagoon and the land around it is operation al land for MP, is within MP's secure area and is wholly ownded by IDI Gazeley in order to manage and protect its operational functions. It is a water attenuation area for the Park, and the land around it supports that function. IDI Gazeley fully support the public use of the area but from an operation al perspective the lagoon is an intrinsic part of the surface water flow contral and regualation for 34 hectares of the existing Magna Park strategic and infrastructure facilities. It is imperative that this area is properley serviced by a management company similar to the existing arrangement and unrestrained from green space designations.

Representation ID: 4978

COMMENT Mr John Martin


It is very surprising that the Appendix J currently has no Local Green Spaces nominated for Lubenham. Whilst it is true that the current green spaces are owned and maintained by Trusts, they should never the less be included in the Local Plan. They are:
-Lubenham Village Green
-Lubenham Green Gardens
-Land to the north and west of the Lubenham War Memorial and
-Land at the junction of Westgate Lane and Rushes Lane

Representation ID: 4772

SUPPORT Natural England (Mr Sean Mahoney)


We welcome the proposal to designate the sites listed in Appendix J as Local Green Space in the new local plan.

Representation ID: 4677

SUPPORT Cllr Rosita Page


Keep as set out in appendix J.

Representation ID: 4622

COMMENT Mr William Richmond


Local Green Space Background Paper - LGS/STO/1 The site should be described as "opposite Church Lane" not "Land" and in the detailed description the land, it is described as being in Scraptoft, not Stoughton! LGS/STO/2 describes the new recreation area but omits any reference to the old childrens play area which is owned by the Parish Council.

Representation ID: 4480

COMMENT Thurnby And Bushby Society (Mr Jeffrey Rosenthal)


As stated in our response to the Local Spaces Strategy Consultation, the designation of Local Green Space on private land must not imply public access or maintenance requirements on the owners

Representation ID: 4205

COMMENT GREAT EASTON Parish Council (Mr David Gibley)


Two areas identified in Great Easton are identified as areas of woodland which have been made in error. The neighbourhood plan is conducting a survey of further sites in the village that meet relevant criteria.

Representation ID: 3789



SUPPORT proposed list.

Representation ID: 3737

COMMENT Miss Ruth Thompson


Keep as set out in appendix J

Representation ID: 3713

COMMENT Mr Simon Smith


Keep as set out in appendix J

Representation ID: 3531

COMMENT Mrs Angela Lomas


Appendix J includes Laughton's village hall green/paddock for designation. (LGS/LAUG/1) However, the list does not appear to include the churchyard land, the main village green and adjacent land which have previously been designated. Please check and rectify.

Representation ID: 3363

COMMENT Mrs Rachael Edgley


My previous comment refers to open space status - these should be incorporated as per my previous comment

Representation ID: 3347

COMMENT Mrs Rachael Edgley


Sites that would affect conservation areas or that have had planning refusal by HDC and inspector due to highways safety issues should remain as Local green space (what I assume was an originally important outdoor space) this list does not appear to include such areas

Representation ID: 3308

OBJECT MR Michael Wilcox


Ullesthorpe does not have any central green space and perhaps the crown site planning permission could be removed ( a waste land since 15 years?) and yet HDC appears to do nothing?

Representation ID: 3242

COMMENT ARNESBY Parish Council (Terry Cane)


Arnesby Parish Council is disappointed that only one of the nine identified areas of local green space valued by the village residents has been classified as a local green space. The Parish Council would welcome an explanation/consultation on this decision..

Representation ID: 2586

OBJECT Elizabeth Thomas


You have not included Great Bowden which has for returnees been characterized by its Greens, and open Space,as a polyfocal semi nucleated village. Why Not?

Representation ID: 2396

COMMENT Ms Caroline Pick


Hungarton has failed to submit its important green spaces. Hopefully we can do this through the Neighbourhood Plan.

Representation ID: 2343

SUPPORT Billesdon Planning Advisory Group (Dr ian bowler) represented by Billesdon Planning Advisory Group (Dr ian bowler)


The Advisory Group supports the list for Billesdon: all three LGS were identified during the Billesdon Neighbourhood Plan process.

Representation ID: 2290

SUPPORT Dr Jon Davies


I strongly support the policy of designating local green space. Providing access to natural areas is fundamental to improving local understanding of the environment and its value for health and well-being.

Representation ID: 2121

SUPPORT Mr Michael Ward


Foxton. Add Historic paddocks off North Lane and Manor House grounds.

Representation ID: 1958

SUPPORT FOXTON Parish Council (Mrs A Hall)


Foxton Parish Council wishes to add the following: Local Green Space. Page 62. Add Manor House Grounds, this was Important Open Land and is an especially attractive feature of the village. Add historic paddocks off North Lane.
Note. The Shoulder of Mutton garden and paddock are already protected as is the garden of the Black Horse. In view of the NDP consultation results I don't think we can continue to protect the Vicarage Drive site, or at least not in its entirety.

Representation ID: 1853

OBJECT Andrew Granger & Co (Mr Fritz Graves) represented by Andrew Granger & Co (Mr Fritz Graves)


The Glebe Land at Swinford (LGS/SWIN/1) should not be included as a Local Green Space. The land does not contribute physically or visually to the setting of this part of the village and would be better used for new homes.

Representation ID: 1819

COMMENT Mr Michael Lord


Should be made clear that not all Local Green Space will have public access e.g. that in private ownership

Representation ID: 1808

OBJECT BURTON OVERY Parish Council (Mrs Kate Barker)


The extent of LGS/BO/7 is still under discussion.

Representation ID: 1786

COMMENT mr chris faircliffe


appendix j is fine

Representation ID: 1605

OBJECT Neil Heptonstall


You have not listed all the spaces that should remain undeveloped - ever since the village plan of the 80's - Land off Vicarage Drive, opposite church, village hall grounds, village side of North Lane,

Representation ID: 1474

SUPPORT Historic England (Claire Searson)


We support in general the areas identified as local green space

Representation ID: 1357

COMMENT STOUGHTON Parish Council (Karen Giddens)


Stoughton Parish Council strongly objects to the proposal for the sites LGS/STO3; LGS/STO4 and LGS/STO5 not to be designated as suitable green spaces as this is not in line with the latest report by the planning inspector Jonathan Hockley. Appeal Ref: APP/F2415/W/15/3014897.

Representation ID: 1110

SUPPORT SWINFORD Parish Council (Katherine Clarke)


Swinford residents support the retention of the Glebe Land behind the playground as a green space. 61% of respondents to the village survey opposed the development of this Glebe Land it is the only green space available. The community is actively seeking the means to create a sense of soul and community around this glebe land and extend the playground into it.

Representation ID: 926

COMMENT Mr Robert Mitchell


The three green spaces identified in Great Easton are crucial to maintaining the image and feel of the village and should be approved as designated open space.

Representation ID: 770

OBJECT Claybrooke Magna Parish Council (Mrs J P Butcher)


Claybrooke Magna parish council has previously registered our village green , allotments, playground plus footpaths as per your Open Spaces Strategy document and yet none of these are shown in app J. Why not? Must be rectified

Representation ID: 745

OBJECT Mrs Jan Butcher


Claybrooke Magna Parish Council has previously registered our Village Green and Playground as local open space. Both are omitted from the list at App J and must be included

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