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Representations on New Local Plan Options - Q10. Do you have any comments regarding the proposed policy approach for Leicester Airfield?

Representation ID: 4958

SUPPORT Leicester Airport represented by Hunter Page Planning (Miss Jenny Henderson)


Support the proposed approach. Draft policy and supporting text provided for consideration reflecting the strong demand for both aviation and non-aviation uses at the airport. The proposed scheme is anchored by a company focused on aircraft sales and maintenance, and the proposed development will provide the opportunity for its headquarters to be developed. Marketing research undertaken shows that this location would be appropriate for the development of a new science and technology park for businesses that are linked to the aircraft uses but do not directly require access to the airport.

Representation ID: 4954

COMMENT Leciestershire County Council (Mrs Sharon Wiggins)


Transport Comments
The County Highway Authority would have concerns if increased usage of the Airport were to severely affect the safe and efficient operation of the local road network serving the site, which is essentially rural in nature. It would wish to see any site allocation policy address this issue, and to seek to ensure that appropriate mitigation measures are secured.

Representation ID: 4478

COMMENT Thurnby And Bushby Society (Mr Jeffrey Rosenthal)


Policies are needed to prevent noise nuisance to surrounding communities from e.g. private pleasure flying.

Representation ID: 3759



The commitment by HDC ref management future development at Leicester Airport to protect local communities from noise etc it welcomed.

Representation ID: 3538

SUPPORT Hungarton Neighbourhod Plan Committee (Mr James Patterson)


Hungarton NDP committee supports the proposals for Leicester Airport and believes that any plans forthcoming for the site should be subject to careful control.

Representation ID: 3460

OBJECT Mrs Angela Lomas


Leicester Airport is situated in attractive countryside and close to villages accessed by narrow roads. Any development would have to be very carefully considered.

Representation ID: 3295

SUPPORT MR Michael Wilcox


Under developed and under utilised and largly brown field

Representation ID: 1805

COMMENT BURTON OVERY Parish Council (Mrs Kate Barker)


Agree the policy to manage further development to protect local communities, however any such further development must necessarily be restricted by virtue of the fact that access is from rural roads.

Representation ID: 1586

SUPPORT mr Peter Mellalieu


MH Homeowner.

Representation ID: 1471

COMMENT Historic England (Claire Searson)


A policy here should include provision for the protection of heritage assets, including the significance of the airfield itself as a non-designated heritage asset as well as assets adjacent to the site, including the deserted medieval village scheduled monument and the listed assets here) to the south east of the runway. Growth of this site will need to be carefully balanced in this respect.

Representation ID: 1355

COMMENT STOUGHTON Parish Council (Karen Giddens)


The Leicester Airfield site is served by narrow and dangerous minor roads only. Any further development would mean much increased traffic risk. The noise problem from the go-kart cars creates constant complaints and friction. Leicester airport is an established and acceptable enterprise but any further development will cause great problems. Therefore the Parish
Council is opposed to any further development on this site.

Representation ID: 1107

COMMENT Nicholas Jenkins


Agree: policy to manage positively future development at Leicester Airport and protect local communities from adverse noise, light pollution and traffic generation. Sadly, not happening around Magna Park

Representation ID: 1080

SUPPORT Mr William Richmond


I fully support the policy and in particular note the Council's concern about adverse noise, light pollution and traffic generation. The principal uses of the site for leisure aircraft is fine, but there remains a problem with noise from the go-kart track and if this activity is to continue, then the steps should be taken to limit the noise or move the track away from the residential areas of Stoughton. Any further development should take into account that only rural roads serve the site

Representation ID: 1027

SUPPORT KIBWORTH HARCOURT Parish Council (Dr Kevin Feltham)


Provided the Leicestershire Aero Club can remain on the site, this is a sensible policy providing the highways access is assessed as suitable. The Gartree Road at Leicester Airport is 50mph limit. Is it suitable for very large HGVs?

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