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Representations on New Local Plan Options - Q7. Do you have any comments on the list of employment sites proposed to be retained and protected?

Representation ID: 4949

SUPPORT Leciestershire County Council (Mrs Sharon Wiggins)


Assets Comments:
Further, LCC supports the retention of existing employment allocations, in particular at Airfield Business Park, Market Harborough, and the retention and protection of existing employment sites subject to individual sites remaining economically viable and having the potential of meeting the needs of business in the medium term without creating conflict with adjoining uses in the vicinity.

Representation ID: 4848

SUPPORT R.W. & H.J. Dewes represented by Pegasus Planning Group (Mr Guy Longley)


The proposal to protect Magna Park (phases 1 and 2) as an existing employment site is supported. The Plan needs to maximise benefits associated with Magna Park by ensuring that opportunities for expansion are set out in the strategy for the district.

Representation ID: 4825

SUPPORT Wheatcroft Properties Ltd represented by Pegasus Planning Group (Mr Guy Longley)


This approach is supported. The Churchill Way employment site is an important existing employment site, offering good scope for expansion as reflected in the proposed allocation of a further 3 hectares of employment land to the north of the existing estate.

Representation ID: 4204

SUPPORT William Davis Limited (SARAH JINKS)


William Davis supports the suggested retention and protection of the Airfield Farm Business Park in Market Harborough. We also support encouraging delivery of outstanding of the outstanding employment commitments, including some from the 2001 Local Plan as listed in Appendix E. The Airfield Business Park is correctly listed in this category. The site is also treated as an existing commitment in the North West Market Harborough SDA Master Plan.
An outline plannning application has just been submitted for the part of the site which has not yet been built on. Assuming planning permission is granted, and the commitment us made to retain and protect and encourage its development as noted above, there will be no need for the site to be allocated as it will be an existing commitment.

Representation ID: 2796



Please provide clarity and transparency on the proposed Shawell site as a result of the call for sites. It is not adequate to have 3 options that are already going through the application process. A fourth option "no strategic distribution" should be included. Other options are also needed(e.g. those mentioned in call for sites but not high lighted as an option here). HDC should be transparent on how 100% business rates will be used if proposals go ehead, and a significant proportion of these rates should be for enhancement of Lutterworth.

Representation ID: 2432

COMMENT Sworders (on Behalf Of Mr And Mrs I P Crane) (Rachel Padfield)


An existing employment site, Arkwright Hill Farm Industrial Estate, Lutterworth Road, Cosby, is missing from the list. This site comprises 7.76 Hectares of employment space and was submitted to the 2011 Call for Sites.

This is a significant site for local employment and should be included in Appendix F. Its retention and opportunities for expansion are particularly important in light of the under-supply of B1, B2 and B8 floorspace within the district.

Representation ID: 1848

OBJECT Andrew Granger & Co (Mr Fritz Graves) represented by Andrew Granger & Co (Mr Fritz Graves)


Compass Point, Northampton Rd, Market Harborough is primarily a B1 Office location. In view of the stated oversupply of office space and the redevelopment of part of the allocation for new homes, the balance of the allocation should be reviewed and a further phase of land released for new homes. The intention would be to retain some further employment land here but to balance this with another phase of housing, as shown edged blue on the attached plan)

Representation ID: 1072

COMMENT Kay Wilson


I have concerns regarding the extensive development of Magna Park while not developing the road system. The amount of traffic on the A5 has increased considerably since Magna Park was established and the road has not developed to keep pace with this. There are accident black spots where the village roads meet the A5 and increasing traffic will only exacerbate the problem. In addition traffic volumes are causing sizeable hold ups in the narrower parts of the road - not always in Harborough District. A more joined up approach to this would be welcomed

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