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Representations on New Local Plan Options - Where will new land for employment be provided?

Representation ID: 3853

COMMENT Anglian Water Services Ltd (Mr Stewart Patience)


Employment options:

All of the available employment options included 10ha of employment land at Market Harborough. This may require additional sewerage treatment enhancements and potentially improvements to the foul sewerage network dependent upon the location of the proposed employment allocation(s).

Options 5, 7 and 9 include 5ha of employment land at Kibworth. This is likely to require sewerage treatment enhancement and potentially improvements to the foul sewerage network dependent upon the location of the proposed employment allocation(s).

However Anglian Water would wish to comment further on the implications for existing infrastructure within our area of responsibility when specific employment allocation sites have been identified by Harborough District Council.

Representation ID: 2891

OBJECT The Co-operative Group (Mr Matthew Stafford)


Please see representations submitted by the Co-operative Group (20151029 TCG Reps New Plan for Harborough Options Consultation Doc') by email on 29/10/15 to

Representation ID: 2094

OBJECT Mr Christopher Gladman


I object to the proposals for additional employment land in Kibworth as I do not believe that the need is proven or that the demand exists to justify it.

Representation ID: 1467

COMMENT Historic England (Claire Searson)


We have no detailed comments to make at this stage in relation to the various growth distribution options, however, in the assessment of these, impacts upon heritage assets should be assessed and in order to provide a sound basis for growth in the district.

Representation ID: 1302

COMMENT Swift Valley Partnership (Mr Dennis Singer)


If the proposals to expand Magna Park proceed then 12,500 more jobs will be created in addition to the 9,300 already based there. Other employment proposals for Market Harborough, Fleckney, Kibworth, Scraptoft and Thurnby do not appear to be based on any particular strong requirements and are piecemeal/speculative. Housing requirements should follow the employment if they are to be located so as to avoid, as far as is possible, extensive commuter travelling. Therefore Lutterworth district would be the principal area in which to concentrate new housing if the Magna Park expansion proceeds. Housing should be proportional to the permitted employment.

Representation ID: 1162

COMMENT Mr Lewis Freeman


These figures are purely arbitrary -almost pulled out of a hat. Where is the detailed background information that has led you to these figures?
Figures of 4and 10 hectares across the board do not give me any confidence that these figures have been carefully compiled in the light of actual need.

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