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Representations on New Local Plan Options - Q6. Would you like to submit any potential sites to accommodate gypsies and travellers, or travelling showpeople?

Representation ID: 5022

COMMENT Mr John L. Marlow


Nothing more than the statutory minimum.

Representation ID: 4669

COMMENT Cllr Rosita Page


Lutterworth and surrounding area is already oversubscribed with Gypsy and Showmen sites. Sites should be subservient to surrounding conurbations, well positioned and must meet needs. Pitches should only be allocated to genuine G/T or showmen who are members of the Guild.
The description of pitches is misleading. It must be clearly stated that a pitch can accommodate up to 4 caravans.

Representation ID: 3723

COMMENT Miss Ruth Thompson


Lutterworth and surrounding area already has more than its fair share of G/T and showmen sites

Representation ID: 3704

COMMENT Mr Simon Smith


Lutterworth and surrounding area is already over subscribed with gypsy and traveller and show people sites

Representation ID: 3422

COMMENT Mrs Angela Lomas


The most sensible solution would be to extend the existing sites.

Representation ID: 1444

COMMENT CLAYBROOKE PARVA Parish Council (Maurice C Howell)


The Lutterworth area has adequate sites for Gypsies and Travelling Showpeople and well over subscribed

Representation ID: 1120

COMMENT Mr Ian Duffield


I think it is important that space and plots are allocated proportionally to any area, thus we must manage the number of plots made available.. A cap on development in and around Lutterworth, Bitteswell and Ullesthorpe would seem appropriate. Significant number of plots already exist in these areas, relative to the site of these locations.

Representation ID: 683

COMMENT Mrs Joy Burgoine


I consider that the further addition to plots is inappropriate because of the extra traffic using the by=pass, Whittle island the Lutterworth and a drain on the local resources, already stretched, e.g. schooling and medical centre.

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