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Representations on New Local Plan Options - How will future need be met?

Representation ID: 4973

COMMENT Mr John Martin


These provisions should remain unchanged but enforced at every opportunity. The word "traveller" should be widely enforced with encampment residents being allowed only a limited period before they are required to "travel". On no account should temporary planning approval given in cases where there are insufficient pitches available as these temporary arrangements would rapidly become permanent.

Representation ID: 4870

COMMENT Mr Michael Lenihan


I feel extremely strongly that Lutterworth and surrounding area is already well oversubscribed with Gypsy and Showmen sites and that other areas must take a greater share.

Representation ID: 4215



When account is taken of the remaining duration of the plan period, the proposed
numbers of pitches and plots appear to be reasonable. However, in the interests of maintaining harmony between the travelling and settled communities, it is
important that the distribution of the locations of the sites are evenly distributed across the Harborough District.

Representation ID: 3033

COMMENT Mr Ian Clarke


Only surplus income if any from sites rent and sites council tax should be used to provide any future facilities.

Representation ID: 2647

COMMENT LUBENHAM Parish Council (Mrs Diana Cook)


para 107 'the provision of transit sites will also be supported' .ADD where appropriate.

what restriction will be put on temporary permissions to ensure that inappropriate sites do not become permanent?

Representation ID: 1776

COMMENT mr chris faircliffe


Avoid areas of high existing population

Representation ID: 1461

COMMENT Historic England (Claire Searson)


Assessment of the locations for gypsy and traveller provision should take into account impacts upon heritage assets, as per all types of site allocation.

Representation ID: 1026

COMMENT KIBWORTH HARCOURT Parish Council (Dr Kevin Feltham)


Where do Gypsies and Travellers want to live? Has an assessment been carried out with them to determine any specific preferred routes e.g. A5? It doesn't make much sense to identify sites on routes that are unlikely ever to be used by Gypsies and Travellers.

Representation ID: 925

OBJECT Mr Robert Mitchell


I object

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