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Representations on New Local Plan Options - Other Settlements

Representation ID: 3323

COMMENT Brudenell Estates represented by Landmark Planning Ltd (Lance Wiggins)


Cranoe would lend itself to further development as it is under one ownership, allowing the required infrastructure to be provided. This would prevent it stagnating and ensure its long term sustainability.

Representation ID: 3298

COMMENT Mrs Angela Lomas


It is vital that small rural villages should remain undeveloped to preserve the enjoyment of visitors to the countryside. Those who live in such villages do so by choice and are not a dying breed.

Representation ID: 2376

OBJECT Ms Caroline Pick


I think the list of services and facilities does not include comparable facilities and services. There is a world of difference between a GP surgery, PO, library or primary school and an unmanned Village Hall or a commercial enterprise such as a pub. If a settlement only has a village hall and a pub (as Hungarton and Keyham do) it is not comparable with others with proper services (GP surgery etc).

Representation ID: 1910

COMMENT LUBENHAM Parish Council (Mrs Diana Cook)


Some of these settlements may benefit from small scale development and may be capable of accepting development because of links to other villages or settlements. This could ease the pressure on other areas of the district. The classification seems rather strongly against development. and a more flexible approach could be adopted.

Representation ID: 1726

OBJECT Andrew Granger & Co (Mr Fritz Graves) represented by Andrew Granger & Co (Mr Fritz Graves)


We support the recognition that these villages should be allowed some limited new development but would suggest that they do not be encompassed within general countryside policies. This is potentially misleading and confusing and would suggest that this policy context be removed and the settlement be simply and specifically contained within the Other Settlements category.

Representation ID: 1259

OBJECT Brudenell Estates represented by Landmark Planning Ltd (Lance Wiggins)


As I indicated in my representations on the vision of the new Local Plan, my view is that approach set out in the adopted Core Strategy of designating a number of settlements 'unsustainable' based on their existing services and facilities is unacceptably restrictive and has prevented people who would have added new life and vibrancy from moving into rural settlements. The suggested approach that no new development should be allowed in Other Settlements would prevent otherwise acceptable single infill plots and appropriate small developments and it should not be carried forward in the new Local Plan.

Representation ID: 1008

OBJECT KIBWORTH HARCOURT Parish Council (Dr Kevin Feltham)


Many of these settlements are dying because there are no new families and none or minimal facilities. There should be a policy to permit small developments of starter homes or smaller properties, e.g. bungalows, for older people. In addition, these developments need to incorporate financial support for community facilities e.g. small convenience store.

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