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Representations on New Local Plan Options - Sub-Selected Rural Villages

Representation ID: 5031



Drayton should not be included in this list of villages. Its Village Hall was closed some 4 years ag. Drayton has no services or amenities to provide for additional housing

Representation ID: 2913

COMMENT HUNGARTON Parish Council (Mrs Penny Faulkner)


Sub-selected rural villages. The criteria used to define services available in small villages are not realistic. An empty village hall can not offer the same things as a store, library, or GP's surgery ie someone to speak to, information, emergency help, directions or whatever.
Similarly, a pub is open for limited time and is not accessible to all ie unaccompanied children. So, a VH should not be considered an 'available service' and a pub offers a very limited service.

Representation ID: 2903

OBJECT The Co-operative Group (Mr Matthew Stafford)


Please see representations submitted by the Co-operative Group (20151029 TCG Reps New Plan for Harborough Options Consultation Doc') by email on 29/10/15 to

Representation ID: 2697

SUPPORT Mr O Tebbs represented by Hutchinsons Planning (Mr Keith Hutchinson)


We support the identification of Leire as a "Sub-selected" rural village and consider that this settlement is appropriate to cater for some limited additional development in the form of infilling, etc.

Representation ID: 1909

COMMENT LUBENHAM Parish Council (Mrs Diana Cook)


The likely need for affordable housing in these settlements should not be overlooked

Representation ID: 1725

SUPPORT Andrew Granger & Co (Mr Fritz Graves) represented by Andrew Granger & Co (Mr Fritz Graves)


We support the inclusion of these settlements in this category of Sub Selected Rural Villages. It is important to only retain their key services but to add to these wherever possible and appropriate to help maintain the vitality of the rural area.

Representation ID: 944

SUPPORT Mr Paul Johnson


Small scale residential development in such villages should be supported to ensure that villages and communities remain alive and retain vitality.

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