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Representations on New Local Plan Options - Key Centres

Representation ID: 2609

SUPPORT David Wilson Homes East Midlands (Helen Bareford)


The allocation of Broughton Astley as a Key Centre is fully supported. The settlement is considered to be highly sustainable and well located in the District, thereby very capable of accommodating and sustaining new development and infrastructure.

Representation ID: 2505

SUPPORT Jo Brodrick


These key towns deserve investment in community amenities and infrastructure which would be challenging to achieve without housing development.

Representation ID: 1984

OBJECT mrs wendy barrow


This will spoil my privacy, my house will be over looked by property on higher ground.

Representation ID: 1906

SUPPORT LUBENHAM Parish Council (Mrs Diana Cook)



Representation ID: 1720

SUPPORT Andrew Granger & Co (Mr Fritz Graves) represented by Andrew Granger & Co (Mr Fritz Graves)


Lutterworth is the second largest historic town in the District serving the west side of the District and the M1 corridor. It is extremely well placed to accommodate new housing, employment, and community infrastructure. The attractiveness and vibrancy of the town, as a place to live and work must be sustained and maintained.

Representation ID: 1150

COMMENT Mr Lewis Freeman


It seems that one significant omission from all of these key centres and rural areas is the provision for a sustainable transport system instead of the almost overwhelming use of the motor car to access the facilities required in them.

Representation ID: 742

SUPPORT Mr Malcolm Stringer


The suggested hierarchy is supported.

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