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Representations on New Local Plan Options - Appendix C: Housing Distribution Options - residual requirements

Representation ID: 4968

COMMENT Mr John Martin


Appendix C gives a break down of the housing to be provided within each of the existing villages but without any explanation as to the numbers involved. Why for example does Lubenham show an increase of 100% over Foxton; both villages have a pub and a primary school whereas Foxton also has a food shop?

Representation ID: 4903

COMMENT Leciestershire County Council (Mrs Sharon Wiggins)


Support Option 6: Delivery of an SDA at Lutterworth is strongly supported. This SDA allocation would make a significant contribution to housing numbers and has the potential to deliver substantial economic and environmental benefits to the town. It would provide housing to support any future extension to the strategic distribution site at Magna Park. Lutterworth SDA, a site capacity in excess of 2500 dwellings together with an employment allocation, has the potential to deliver any shortfall in housing numbers within the period to 2031 or alternatively provide housing at a sustainable location into the next plan period.

Representation ID: 4269

COMMENT Cliffe Investments Ltd represented by Pegasus Planning Group (Miss Sophie Trouth)


Appendix C contains 9 housing growth options which are said to be based on residual requirements; taking account of completions and commitments since 2011. For Foxton, there have been 9 completions to date, and the indicative option figures range from 12 dwellings (Option 9, Kibworth and Lutterworth SDA) to 51 dwellings (Option 1, Rural Focus). It is considered that the variation in numbers proposed to Foxton is not clearly set out or justified across these options.

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