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Representations on New Local Plan Options - Appendix B: Maps to illustrate Potential Strategic Development Areas

Representation ID: 3338

SUPPORT David Wilson Homes East Midlands (Helen Bareford)


We support the SDA at figure 26 (developement to the west and north of the Kibworths).

Representation ID: 3223

OBJECT Dr Janet Riley


I strongly object to the options involving a Kibworth SDA due to their lack of sustainability. The jobs are not in the village and still won't be even with the addition of business park(s). The transport system is already severely under strain with commuters passing up and down the A6. Community facilities are already stretched. I think that neither of the two SDA options is capable of delivering needed facilities and solutions to transport problems, therefore will be detrimental to Kibworth.

Representation ID: 2988

OBJECT Mr Dan Pedley


Kibworth is a beautiful rural village, which is already extremely busy. Cars regularly mount the pavement in the village centre causing danger to children. It really is bursting at the seams. The schools are full, the doctors are really busy, but it just manages to maintain its rural character. To build 1200 houses would turn Kibworth into a town. A by pass would not help. This development would turn a beautiful village into a town unable to cope with its additional residents. This is not just expanding a village, its turning an historic village into a sprawling town.

Representation ID: 2176

OBJECT Miss Julie Beall


Scraptoft has seen a massive amount of development in the last few years, to put in this many houses would stop it being the community village that it is.
The fields that separate the villages are a massive community area for families and walkers. To put a road right through these areas would totally ruin the area and would put dangerous roads in place for our children.

Representation ID: 2031

SUPPORT Andrew Granger & Co (Mr Fritz Graves) represented by Andrew Granger & Co (Mr Fritz Graves)


We support the SDA east of Kilworth Figure 25.

Representation ID: 1480

COMMENT Historic England (Claire Searson)


Lutterworth SDA
Figure 27 -Development on this side of the motorway could have an adverse impact upon the setting of Church of St Leonard (Grade II*) at Misterton to south, as well as other assets in the vicinity. Further assessment is required. The SA fails to pick this issue up identifying this area as 'green' within the appendix d assessment.

Representation ID: 1479

COMMENT Historic England (Claire Searson)


The Kibworths
Figure 25 - Kibworth Harcourt is a small settlement with a number of listed buildings and a scheduled monuments. Development at this scale to the north could cause harm to the significance of these assets. The historic relationship between Kibworth Hall (Grade II) and the Mill (Grade II*) and the settlement could also be adversely affected. We are also concerned at the area across from the Grade II* Church. The green infrastructure depicted is unlikely to provide any meaningful mitigation here.
Figure 26 - The proposals will need to be assessed for impacts upon both Conservation areas.

Representation ID: 1478

COMMENT Historic England (Claire Searson)


Scraptoft / Thurnby SDA
Potential impact on Scraptoft Conservation Area.

Representation ID: 743

SUPPORT Mr Malcolm Stringer


Support the options shown on map 2 for the Kibworths.
Support the Lutterworth options 6, 8 and 9

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