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Representations on New Local Plan Options - 12. Infrastructure Planning

Representation ID: 5081

COMMENT Anglian Water Services Ltd (Mr Stewart Patience)


It would be helpful to have a specific Local Plan policy or policies which require applicants to:
* demonstrate that there is capacity or capacity can be made available within the foul sewerage network to accommodate the proposed development and
* use of SuDs is required unless it can be demonstrated by applicant that this is not feasible.

Representation ID: 4981

COMMENT Mr John Martin


The planning of the future infrastructure requirements should be a vitally important consideration in the development of a new Local Plan. The provision of a larger infrastructure should be completed before the expansion is started and not as at present where infrastructure improvements are made on the completion of the development.

Representation ID: 4773

SUPPORT Natural England (Mr Sean Mahoney)


We welcome the proposal to include an Infrastructure Development Plan to identify future infrastructure needs for the District, including green infrastructure requirements.

Representation ID: 4575

COMMENT The Co-operative Group (Mr Matthew Stafford)


Suggest that a site sipecific policy for the crematorium site at Great Glen is included.

Representation ID: 4303

COMMENT Mobile Operators Association (Ginny Hall MRTPI)


Suggest the inclusion of a Policy for telecommunications development.

Representation ID: 4289

COMMENT Sport England (Steven Beard)


Sport England considers that the background papers are not up to date or robust having regard to NPPF paragraph 73. How can the authority plan positively (para 70) if you do not have up to date needs and evidence base which indicates the current issue and what is required and where. The right facilities in the right place. The Open Space, Sport and Recreation Study needs updating and the Open Spaces Strategy does not cover all sports facilities and is not CIL compliant.
A Playing Pitch Strategy and an assessment of built sports facilities are considered necessary. It is not considered that this section properly deals with open space sports facilities or playing field needs.

Representation ID: 4239

COMMENT Gladman Developments Ltd (Ms Nicole Penfold)


The viability requirements for affordable housing and infrastructure should be assessed. Plans should be deliverable and sites should not be subject to such a scale of obligations and policy burdens that threaten viability.

Representation ID: 3811

SUPPORT LUBENHAM Parish Council (Diana Cook)


very important. How secure is the upgraded St Lukes site - seems little more than an enhanced doctors surgery -

Representation ID: 3541

COMMENT Mr Graham Logan


If the Lutterworth SDA is ever to be approved, it must have an appropriate IDP that mitigates against creating 2 separate communities being formed, divided by the M1.
An integrated strategic growth plan for Lutterworth should set out a compelling and inspirational vision for the future of Lutterworth; one that provides a population (increased by around 50%) with far better retail, leisure, recreational amenities, improved public space, better local roadways that keep HGVs and related air pollution out of the town centre.
HDC must exercise its duty of care to protect people in Lutterworth from dying prematurely because of poor air quality.

Representation ID: 2841



Just to reinforce the Cotesbach PC position under all of the Lutterworth SDA options. Infrastructure is dependant upon housing allocation and if Lutterworth SDA is approved we must have an appropriate IDP which mitigates against 2 separate communities being formed, split by the M1.

Representation ID: 2695

SUPPORT LUBENHAM Parish Council (Mrs Diana Cook)


Infrastructure is of great importance to support development. Particularly roads that are affected by planned development and the effect it has on neighbouring parishes.
Please also include Broadband infastructure with Fibre optics (unless new wireless technology has superseded this)

Representation ID: 1638

SUPPORT Miss Annali Ruddock-Brown


infrastructure must surely go hand in hand with increased development.

Representation ID: 1029

SUPPORT KIBWORTH HARCOURT Parish Council (Dr Kevin Feltham)


Critical to include a policy on infrastructure planing to include education, healthcare, police, highways as a minimum.

Representation ID: 645

COMMENT Sport England (Steven Beard)


Paragraph 73 of the NPPF requires a different approach to determining need for sport and recreation compared to that included in the former PPG17 and its associated documents. The NPPF paragraph 73 requires Local Authorities to assess needs and quantitative or qualitative deficits or surpluses of sports and recreational facilities in the local area. Tthe assessment should be used to determine what , sports and recreation provision is required. For assessing the need for sport and recreation, the Government has advocated the use of Sport England's Playing Pitch Strategy Guidance and Assessing Needs and Opportunities Guidance,

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