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Representations on Open Spaces Strategy - Chapter 1: Introduction to the Open Spaces Strategy

Representation ID: 1224

COMMENT Leicestershire Local Access Forum (Mr Roy Denney)


1.2 suggested change
Networks of well cared for and well designed open spaces, linked as far as possible by off-road footpaths, add to the character of places where we want to live, work, play and visit. Green spaces also provide the green infrastructure that enables communities to deal with floods or combat climate change whilst providing wildlife habitats, open spaces for amenity, recreational, sporting facilities and beautiful parks

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Representation ID: 1218

COMMENT Office of Rail Regulation (Paul Wilkinson)


Many thanks for including us in the recent consultation exercise on the DraftOpen Spaces Strategy. I can confirm that at this stage we have no comment to make on the proposed plans.

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Representation ID: 1199

COMMENT Severn Trent Water Ltd (Growth Development)


Thank you for giving Severn Trent Water the opportunity to comment on the above consultation, however on this particular occasion we have no further comments to make.

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Representation ID: 1192

COMMENT DLA Town Planning (David Lane)


Having reviewed the draft document the Open Space standards proposed appear reasonable and comparable to equivalent standards used elsewhere. On that basis, I have no objections to make to the consultation.

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